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材料/素材商品説明LOVER-BEAUTY Cami shaper by Genie with Removable Pads Look Thinner Instantly the Ultimate 3 in 1 Garment
Cami Shaper by Genie
Look up to 2 dress sizes smaller instantly!
The CamiShaper s one piece seamless design gives you 360 of slimming technology that helps smooth rolls & bulges and eliminate layers.
CamiShaper is the ultimate 3 in 1 garment: it s a camisole, a shaper and a bra all in one!
Super soft camisole: wear it alone or under a garment.
5 zones of comfortable compression targeting your trouble areas (back, sides, stomach, love handles and muffin top)
Built-in Genie Bra with soft contour cups custom conforms to your shape to help lift and support bust while minimizing back fat and spillage.
Flare comfort band hugs your hips to help control love handles.
Easy to step in, one piece curve hugging seamless design.
Magic pouch accommodates removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage.
Color:Black, White and Nude

Fabrication:Seamless stretch nylon
S Length 55cm for the upper chest 75-85 cm
M Length 56cm Suitable for upper chest 86-95cm
L Length 57cm Suitable for upper chest 96-102cm
XL Length 58cm Suitable for upper bust 103-110cm
XXL clothing length 61 cm for the upper bust 111-120 cm
XXXL clothing length 63 cm for the upper bust 118-127 cm
packing detais:each one in one opp bag
camishaper is the ultimate 3in 1 garment :
it is a camisole ,a shaper and a geniebra all in one
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

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ボレロ セットアップ ドレス 部屋着 お呼ばれ 上下セット 大きいサイズ レース ジャケット 上着 2点セット レース 無地 Aライン 九分丈 フォー エスニックビーズチョーカー あおい LOVER-BEAUTY取り外し可能なパッドを備えたGenieのCamiシェイパー

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